Product Lifecycle Workflow

Feature Requests

  • Create an idea at Aha or send an email. Include the following information when submitting an idea or feature request:
    • Give the feature request a good title.
    • Describe the customer or business need.
      • Example: Customers have their code stored in BitBucket, and they want to be able to launch sites directly from there.
      • Example: This would be nice to have by X date in the future because of a client opportunity.
      • Example: Not having this feature adds complexity or reduces stability for customers.
  • Ideas are regularly triaged and may graduate into features and epics in the normal course.

Product Lifecycle Workflow

  • Define features in Aha with minimal information and share with the team.
  • Create google doc to list use cases categorized as must have, should have, could have or won't have (this time).
  • Link use case google doc from the aha feature.
  • Populate a use case google doc with the desired use cases.
  • Push the architecture team to evaluate initial use cases from a technical perspective.
  • Agree on initial user stories weigthed with the MoSCoW method. Facilitate any conversations that need to happen.
  • Decompose user stories into actionable github issues.
  • Work with architecture team to create ADR pull requests where appropriate for initial concerns or direction.
  • Request pod reviews ADR and adds appropriate detail before accepting and merging.
  • Assist with necessary test plan changes or additions.

Engineering Complete and Pushed

  • Validate work against requested user stories.
  • Update sales/marketing

Validating feature

  • Product validates features against the QA environment.
  • Product works with Documentation to ensure features are documented before release.
  • Product works with the Marketing/Sales/Exec team to help them understand new features.

Last update: 2020-10-19