Paid Time Off Policy

We would like to be as supportive of you taking paid time off as we can. To that end, we have attempted to simplify the request process. If you have any issues with these instructions contact your direct supervisor for assistance.

  • PTO requests are managed through
  • Once approved, update your personal calendar to indicate you will be on PTO. As a courtesy, update any existing calendar invites to indicate you will not be attending meetings during your PTO time. If possible, set your calendar to automatically decline new meeting invites during your PTO.
  • On days that you will have limited availability, please update all meeting invites to indicate a maybe or decline for attendance.
  • If applicable, add call rotation exceptions in VictorOps and work with the team to find volunteers that will take those rotations. If you are having difficulty finding volunteers raise it to your manager for assistance.


  • During your PTO, please update your slack status to denote if you are completely unavailable or if you have limited availability.
  • In addition to updating Slack, consider adding a vacation responder for your emails so people know your availability and when they can expect a response.

Last update: 2020-10-19