Expense Reimbursement Policy

Expensify Travel Expenses

If you travel frequently, finance will grant access to Expensify to submit expense reports. Please speak with your manager to request access.

Non-Expensify Expense Approval/Reimbursement Request

DDEV wants to make every effort to get employees the tools they need promptly. We are rolling out this expense policy to request approval on tools, and services that need to be procured on behalf of the business, and to reimburse the employees for one time travel.

For one time items under $50.00 total, each employee shall have the discretion to order items as long as the item has 100% DDEV business purposes associated with it. If finance has granted access to use Expensify, because you travel frequently, please submit through Expensify. If you don’t have an Expensify account through DDEV, please use your credit card to order and then fill out a Manual Expense Report Under $50.00. Please note if the tool replaces another SaaS tool that we are no longer using.

If the expense is greater than $50.00, or a SaaS subscription, it must be approved by your manager and the head of accounting in advance. Please use this form. Manual Expense/Approval Form Over $50.00. Important: if this is for a SaaS tool or a recurring expense, please get in touch with accounting and add the recurring item to the corporate credit card. Please do not use personal cards for recurring or SaaS subscriptions. This form will still need to be completed to get approval, however. Please note if the tool replaces another SaaS tool that we are no longer using.

Travel Reimbursement

If this is for travel reimbursement, and you don’t have access to Expensify, please refer to these guidelines and expense forms. Upload all of the receipts and expense forms on the Manual Expense/Approval Form Over $50.00

Last update: 2020-10-19